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July 2023

June has been a busy month for Quilt Bank and July shows to contain the same!  Online retail as well as the bank itself have seen expanding changes. 

The Quilt Bank website was released this month and will continue to growInventory arrives regularly and will provide exciting opportunities.  As new fabric and patterns show up, kits will be made for purchaseThe kits will have a combination of fabrics that display the elegance of quilting.   

The building that will house the business has been losing portions of walls and ceilings that have been added over the yearsAs time goes on, the bank vault has become more and more visible.  As the internal demolition continues, rich history and mystery has exposed itself.  July will bring more demolition and more interesting discoveries
                                                     Finishing removal of a partition wall. This room will be the front entry area...full of merchandise!

My mother and I also attended a quilting retreat in the Black Hills at Camp Mello. We learned some great techniques and highly recommend attending for anyone looking for their next quilting getaway! I cannot wait to complete building renovations and host retreats and classes. Quilting is a great way to connect socially!

                                                                                                                       Our Camp Mello project.

Your support this past month has been very encouraging to me
Please share the websiteFacebook page and Instagram with other quilters and potential quiltersI look forward to growing this venture with others Quilting is a beautiful and relaxing craft. Sharing my experience and knowledge with all of you makes me smile deep inside.

Prior to releasing this newsletter, my jaw dropped with the number of subscribers! As a thank you, I want to provide you with a coupon good through the end of September. Make sure to enter NEWS23 at checkout to enjoy 10% off your order!

There's many fun fabrics on the way, so please continue to check the website and follow along on the journey!




102 3rd Street
Newell SD, 57760